Hierarchy: a graded or ranked series

Compensation: a psychological mechanism by which feelings of inferiority, frustration, or failure in one area are counterbalanced by actions in another

Motivation: something that causes a person to act. We may be conscious of the factor or factors that cause us to behave a certain way, or we may be completely unconscious of the reasons for an action.

Wants: for our purposes, wants are items or products that are desired, but that are not essential to our survival. Items that are merely wanted may be replaced by similar but less costly or less extravagant products.

Needs: for our purposes, any item that is essential to day-to-day living. Not all needs are material goods. Food, shelter, love and acceptance are also needs.

Cycle of Debt: the sequence or pattern that people establish as they fall further and further behind on their bills. The cycle is accelerated as the interest rates on an individual's accounts are raised due to a poor payment history. The higher rates cause the individual to miss additional payments, resulting in more penalties and fees, adding to their total debt.

Inadequacy: the feeling that an individual has when they believe they are less capable than others. A person may feel inadequate due to a perceived lack of competence, power or capacity.

Entitlement: the sense that a person has earned or has a right to a product or other benefit