Endorsing a Check

To deposit a check, you need to endorse it. That means you sign your name in ink on the back of the check. You must sign your name the same way it is written on the check.

There are a few different ways to endorse your check.

  • Blank Endorsement: Sign your name the same way it is written on the front of the check. Make certain to sign it only when you are ready to cash it or deposit the money into your account.
  • Special Endorsement: Do this when you want to give someone else the money. Write "Pay to the order of" and that person's name below it, then sign your name underneath. Now that person is the only one who can cash the check.
  • Restrictive Endorsment: When you want your check to be very safe (like when you send it to your financial institution in the mail) use this kind of endorsement. Write "for deposit only" and sign underneath.