Depositing Funds Into Your Account

Your Deposit SlipBack of Deposit Slip
  • Personal Information: Your name and address.
  • Bank Transit Number: Information about your bank and your account.
  • Date: The date you are making the deposit.
  • Signature: If you get cash back from the deposit, you would sign here.
  • Bank Name: The name of your institution and its location.
  • Bank Information: The order of these numbers varies; however, the first nine numbers should be the bank routing number, followed by your account number, and ending with the number of the check you are writing. They are printed in special magnetic ink for the bank clearinghouses to read.
  • Cash: The amount of cash you are depositing.
  • Check Entry Area: Your would write down each check you are depositing. Put each check on its own line.
  • Additional Check Entry: The bank of the deposit slip should have additional spaces for checks if you run out of room on the front. Put each check on its own line.
  • Additional Check Entry Total: Add up the checks listed on the back of the slip ONLY and write the dollar amount here.
  • Subtotal: Add up all of the cash and check and put the total dollar amount here.
  • Less Cash Back: If you want to deposit part of your money, and get part of your money in cash, you would write the dollar amount of cash you want here.
  • Net Deposit: Subtract any cash back you received from your deposit, and write the remaining amount here. This is your net deposit.