Writing a Check

1. Personal Information: Your name and address. Some banks allow you to have your social security number printed here as well; however, it is not recommended.

2. Bank Transit Number: Information about your bank and your account.

Image of someone writing a check

3. Check number: The number of the check you are completing.

4. Date: The date you are writing the check.

5. Pay to the Order of: You would enter the name of the company or individual the check is intended to pay.

6. Dollar Amount (Numerals): Write in the dollar amount of the check in numerals. Do not leave any empty spaces in the box so others may not add additional information.

7. Dollar Amount (Words): Write in the dollar amount of the check in words. Start at the far left side of the line. Follow the dollar amount by the word "and" then write the cents over the number 100. Draw a line from the end of the 100 to the end of the line.

Image of a check

8. Bank Name: The name of your institution and location.

9. Memo: Write in what the check payment is for.

10. Signature: Sign your name as it appears at the top of the check. Do not sign the check until you intend to use it.

11. Bank Information: The order of these numbers varies; however, the first nine numbers should be the bank routing number, followed by your account number, and ending with the number of the check you are writing. They are printed in special magnetic ink for the bank clearinghouses to read.