Balancing Your Account

Monthly Statement

Each month you will receive a statement from your banking institution. There will usually be a difference between the statement's ending balance and your register balance. When you receive this statement, you will have to reconcile the difference to make your account balance out.

For the example above, we will be using the register located below to reconcile the statement. We will be utilizing the back of the statement to show the proper way to reconcile.

Your Register

(Your Register)

  • On the statement, you will notice that it skips from check 1003 to 1005. There is an asterisk (*) next to the listing of check 1005, indicating that there is a skip in the checks presented against your account for payment.
  • The deposit you made was after the statement period, therefore it is not reflected on the statement.
  • The statement indicated that the bank has deducted your monthly checking fee. You would need to enter this into your register.